Monday, March 2, 2009

OK, so I happen to like pink...but really !

Our little girl recently turned 3. As a mother, I feel a failure of sorts if I do not hand bake/ make my children's birthday cakes each year.( please read here...tradition I started with No 1 must continue for 2nd child !) Over the years I have produced a Batman, Barney the Dinosaur, footy oval with goals and players ,and other boy themes. I was delighted that Miss 3 was able to assert her preference this year..."Mummy, may I please have a princess Cinderella castle cake ? "

Let me add right here that I am not very handy in the kitchen, in fact, the annual birthday cake tradition is the only time I ask my husband not to be in the kitchen. So, after searching the shop aisles for the required ornamentation ...and 5 hours standing in the kitchen attempting to balance tapered cones on top of short squat cones (bamboo skewers came in to play here).....I had this monument to pink and a 3 yr olds "dream" cake. Who knew that one could buy chocolate coins covered in pink foil stamped with Cinderella shoes and castles. ?

All my hours of labour paid off ! The squeals off delight when she laid eyes on the cake affirmed my strange sense of pride....and she hugged me and proclaimed that I was the best Mummy in the whole wide world ....but I admit I have been worrying .....which style of cake will my Princess ask for next year !! ?


Anna said...

That cake is sooo cute! I think you did a wonderful job.


Miss Muggins said...

That is awesome! Can't wait to see the butterfly creation.