Saturday, May 30, 2009

R- rated sewing

See the size of that fabric !! to that bobbin...!!!.see how it got stuck as I was trying to turn it through....times like that I am glad the kids are in bed when I am sewing.. cause this was
R -rated sewing...few choice words being tossed around....

Eventually the little blighter gave in and pushed through...and this was all in the name of fun sewing for my swap partner ...well one of them anyway....

Will post some pics of the finished culprit when the swap package has reached it's recipient !!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Magoo !

Where do the years go ? My little man turned 12 today. Happy Birthday !
The nickname Mr Magoo has been with him from early on..
Mr Magoo has been a delightful boy, sweet and caring .He tried to wangle a day off school today so he could stay home and play with his presents ,but the sudden tummy ache as it was time to catch the bus was ignored..hhmm...didn't mention it when he got home .....! Funny that !

He had the chubbiest cheeks as a 5 month old......

and here he is 8 yrs old, lying on the hospital bed with his newly born baby sister...I LOVE this photo.....see those protective arms wrapped around her...that is how he is with her now....the doting adorable big brother !

I wish I could freeze time for a while..keep them at their current ages...just for a while .....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fabulous blog with a fantastic giveaway !

There is a fantastic giveaway over at Sew-Fantastic !
Terri is giving away 2 ( yes ..2 ) $20 vouchers for her etsy shop !
Go have a look at her blog and won't be sorry ! I love the crayon wallet with the glitter elephant fabric...and her latest creation, the Carryall Clutch , is available in a lovely array of fabric.
Terri was the organiser of the Kitchen Swap that I have participated in. She also has a number of great tutorials on her blog.

Kitchen Swap

An early morning delivery man at the door yesterday had this box for ME !
My Kitchen Swap parcel from Melissa !
Let's open it ........

What a wonderful swap package...isn't that cake tester soooo cute....the handmade card was so pretty...
( Melissa is an independent dealer for Stampin'up .....check out her blogs here and here ...and she has a special going at the moment ) .
The chocolates were delicious - turned my head for a minute and there was only one left for me.....thanks kids!! must remember not to open my swap packages with the kids around !
See that black folder is full of wonderful recipes for slow cookers..which I used today...made a lamb casserole...which has been devoured with gusto ...Melissa must have ESP..I was looking for such a cookbook on the weekend to no avail...but now I can stop searching !
The chook canister may look equally at home in my crafty room full of vintage buttons...and the handmade/ sewn hot pads will be very useful as well as decorative...lovely !
As for the wine stopper...well...better leave some wine in the bottom of the bottle so I can use it , huh ??? ( bad habit of draining bottle dry ...tsk..tsk..)

So , needless to say I am feeling very spoilt !
Thankyou so much have made my week !
( Melissa is far more organised than I, her swap parcel will be posted Saturday...I hope !!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh, I could not help myself....very naughty...swore I would not buy any more fabric for at least a month..but look what I found .and of course had to have !

This online fabric shop , Kelani Fabric Obsession , has free postage within Australia.

They have some of my favourite prints, including my latest purchase.
I fell in love with the Starling print after seeing Elizabeth's latest creation over at Oh, Fransson.
I plan on using my fabric in the same manner as she has. to browse more fabric shops.. what ? oh no..wont buy any more...I promise..well...I think I promise..( so glad my husband is not home when the postman delivers my parcels...phew !!)

I have been busy with the 4 swap parcels I need to have posted by the end of May....what was I thinking ???...signing up for 4 parcels that all have the same post date !

But what fun it all is !

x PJ x

Thursday, May 14, 2009

green sheep

Just a quick post today.
This book , Where is the Green Sheep ? by Mem Fox has fast become a timeless classic in the short time since it's first publication.
Simple in it's story line, the illustrations are fabulous and vibrant and my 3 year old still loves to read it almost daily.
This makes a lovely gift for a newborn...never too early to start reading to babies...!!

I know the book is available in most K-mart and Big W stores a lot cheaper than the bookshops.

Also available here... all orders over $50 in Oz are free shipping !!

x PJ x

Monday, May 11, 2009

loving vintage embroidery

When I go op-shopping I have a little routine...check the fabric bins...check the bookshelves....rummage through the racks of 50c throw out clothes...then... I hold my breath and I delve into the boxes that contain the vintage doilies and linens , that I may find my next fabulous little piece of embroidered heaven !!
( note to self ...remember not to squeal with delight too loudly...those ladies out the back might start upping the price tags on things if they think I would pay more !! ).

The hours of labour and love that are invested stitching these vintage beauties is amazing.....

Some of my finds , inevitably , will have holes or stains in them. Then there are the rare few that are in pristine, straight from the glory box condition. Like this one .Yay !!

Once home, I will attempt to remove the stains. I have an evergrowng stash of stained and holey embroidered linens that I have grand plans for !! Yes, indeedy !!
I want to use them to create a quilt featuring the embroidered pieces of these vintage linens .
I have not found the exact pattern or idea for inspiration yet. I just know that is what I want to do with them . One day .

This is a vintage child's apron...adorable !!!

x Peta-Jane x


I think Autumn is my favourite season...the light is soft and and the colours in my garden are brilliant.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An inspiring giveaway !!

I have been wanting to make a Coin quilt for some time now, however my stash of cute and modern fabrics is sadly lacking. But I am hoping to win this little give away over at A La Mode
which would be perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. Do have a look at this gorgeous blog...and her coin quilt..Pink Popsicle...very pretty...and don't forget to pop into her Etsy shop...lots of yumminess in there !!!