Saturday, March 14, 2009

A selvedge a day.....

There once was a youngish quilter mummy who had a lovely pile of selvedges happening...she would delight in fondling them and imagining what project she could create with them...UNTIL
husband THOUGHT he was helping by "throwing out all those sewing scraps sitting in the basket" in the sewing room/study...
hence followed ranting and raving by the mummy quilter...threatening said husband with rotary cutter if he laid hands on ANYTHING that looked like fabric/ sewing paraphanelia ever again.!
So.. mummy quilter would love to replenish the empty basket with these yummy selvedges....
( PS. Husband can now identify a selvedge from a mile away...he won't dare do that again ! )

Thanks Lissa for the chance to win this little ball of yumminess !!
Lissa works for Moda...oh, how hard would it be to go to work there ? ...surrounded by gorgeous fabric... !!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I hope William does not turn in his grave !

I have finally made a start on the applique blocks for the William Morris inspired quilt I am doing throughout the year with the 2nd , smaller, patchwork group I am in.
The design is by Michelle Hill and is inspired by William Morris and the other artists of the Craft movement.

I have been lacking motivation to start this and I was unsure why..until I realised I was not enjoying the palette of colours I would have to work in,to keep in with traditional style of the quilt.
So, I have broken ranks and gathered brighter , bolder fabrics from my stash. I am using a white tone- on -tone background rather than cream ( which everyone else is using).
I hope that William would not be turning in his grave if he could see my choices of colour, but at least I now want to do the quilt....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quilting Friend opens her shop.

I recently joined a lovely site of like minded ladies ( I am fairly sure I haven't seen any males amongst the members ) who enjoy patchwork and quilting, at Quilting Friends.
There are over 140 members and the site is rapidly expanding.
Anna, who founded the site, has just opened her own shop here. She has some gorgeous items in stock including my favourite, the Button Box Blanky.
Pop over and have a look, then go to her blog, she is having a fabric giveaway !!

Monday, March 2, 2009

OK, so I happen to like pink...but really !

Our little girl recently turned 3. As a mother, I feel a failure of sorts if I do not hand bake/ make my children's birthday cakes each year.( please read here...tradition I started with No 1 must continue for 2nd child !) Over the years I have produced a Batman, Barney the Dinosaur, footy oval with goals and players ,and other boy themes. I was delighted that Miss 3 was able to assert her preference this year..."Mummy, may I please have a princess Cinderella castle cake ? "

Let me add right here that I am not very handy in the kitchen, in fact, the annual birthday cake tradition is the only time I ask my husband not to be in the kitchen. So, after searching the shop aisles for the required ornamentation ...and 5 hours standing in the kitchen attempting to balance tapered cones on top of short squat cones (bamboo skewers came in to play here).....I had this monument to pink and a 3 yr olds "dream" cake. Who knew that one could buy chocolate coins covered in pink foil stamped with Cinderella shoes and castles. ?

All my hours of labour paid off ! The squeals off delight when she laid eyes on the cake affirmed my strange sense of pride....and she hugged me and proclaimed that I was the best Mummy in the whole wide world ....but I admit I have been worrying .....which style of cake will my Princess ask for next year !! ?