Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unbirthday swap

The gorgeous Miya received her Unbithday swap package from me....and gathering from her comments..I'm pretty sure she liked it !!

I made her a Vampire Softie which I aptly named Vince. He has a green bow tie and buttons- Miya's favourite colour . The bow tie was the culprit I was having so much difficulty with-fabric was thick and the opening was small- it wouldn't turn through easily ! (read previous post )
Continuing on the horror movie theme , I made a set of coasters with horror movie posters and comic book covers..I LOVE printable inkjet fabric !!

or if Vince gets cold he could use one as a quilt ! ( as modelled in the photo..thanks Vince ).

A few pieces of fabric as well. Thanks Miya for organising the swap...let me know when the next one is !!
x PJ x

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