Saturday, May 30, 2009

R- rated sewing

See the size of that fabric !! to that bobbin...!!!.see how it got stuck as I was trying to turn it through....times like that I am glad the kids are in bed when I am sewing.. cause this was
R -rated sewing...few choice words being tossed around....

Eventually the little blighter gave in and pushed through...and this was all in the name of fun sewing for my swap partner ...well one of them anyway....

Will post some pics of the finished culprit when the swap package has reached it's recipient !!

1 comment:

MiyaSohoza said...

YAY! I got it today, and posted a little gushing post all about it! So excited!

Plus....I would have been cursing up a storm if I had to turn that.

Thank you SO much! I love it all!