Sunday, August 2, 2009

First time.

We have had a busy weekend with a lot of "Firsts "

The first time I have seen a naked Banana !! I think I should have found a maple leaf for his modesty ... his PJ's needed a wash...

The first time Emily collected fresh eggs..

The first time I totally improvised a quilt top way to use up all my flannel scraps !!
Very utilitarian..I know it won't win any prizes !

Hope you all had a lovely weekend !
x PJ x


trixi said...

I think totally improvising is so great.You've got all those scraps and you make them into a quilt.Awesome!

Miss Prudence said...

hee hee, naked na-na (i had to hyphenate it otherwise it spelt Nana and that was too disturbing)....lovely blog!