Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where did my baby go ?

This is my baby.
Well, she was.
Now she is my big girl.
But she will always be my baby.

Happy 4th Birthday , Princess.

The cake ? A very sad make shift , make do packet thingy . Because you MUST blow out candles on the actual day of your birthday ! No matter how sad the actual cake may be..or how bad it tastes.
Heaps of chocolate frosting can always improve a sad cake however. At least that's what her big brother tells me.
Never mind. Her party is on Sunday.I will once again be able to play super- best mummy in the whole wide world role and create a special cake for the party day .
Which will hopefully taste lots better than this one did !
I am very relieved that she has requested a butterfly birthday cake this year.
Um..should be much easier than what she requested last year .
Go take a peek, I am off to find a recipe.

x PJ x

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