Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last Wednesday I escaped with friends for a day of stitching ,coffee and cake at Noelene's house.
Noelene moved to our area a few years ago and we were lucky enough to have her join our little quilting group ( this is the other smaller group I belong to).
Noelene is one of life's beautiful people..generous of heart and kind natured ..chats a mile a dozen and her quilts are a sight to behold. Her passion is hand piecing and quilting . I always giggle when she tells me she thinks sewing on a machine is more difficult than making a quilt by hand....HA !!
She loves to reproduce antique quilts and has made quilts of her own design in an antique style.
Last July , our little patchwork group ventured to Melbourne to see Noelene's quilts on display at the Quilt Show ...as the feature quilter !!
I think she was in her element as she sat chatting to all those who came past and admired her work (17 quilts on display ) and she was only too happy to pass on her knowledge and technique to all who were stopping and asking questions. Noelene favours the paper piecing method .
All her quilts are intricately hand quilted and what is more amazing is the fact she uses the stabbing method rather than rocking the needle up and down to get a number of stitches on the needle at a time.
I admire Noelene and all the other ladies like her, who are keeping the art of
making a quilt completely by hand , alive .
Excuse the poor quality of the photos but I have included
some pics of Noelene's glorious work !Noelene drafted her own templates for this Dear Jane quilt from looking at photos,
before the book was released with patterns included !

Amazing, all the 1 inch hexagons have been fussy cut !

Even those of you whom are more taken with modern style quilting would have to agree her work is stunning.
Well, I think so , anyway !


Kristi said...

Indeed...stunning work. I have always loved quilts. So much work, sweat, and tears I am sure. Thank you for your kind words and suggestion on my blog. Please visit anytime.

Sarah said...

WOW! Her quilts are AMAZING! I can't believe she drafted all the DJ blocks herself... How talented she is.

Bek said...

They are incredible works of art! I can't even imagine how much work went into those!