Tuesday, April 13, 2010

be careful what you wish for !

As a little girl, I can remember being full of envy for a particular girl at shool that had curly locks to die for !
I was eight, my hair was boring , flat, dull....blah...blah blah... I was thrilled when my ballet recital called for a headful of rag curls...but the joy was short lived with the inevitable hair washing transforming my temporary curls back to boring!
( don't you just hate those silly tongue tie things we had on our uniforms- seems I fogot to tuck mine in ! )
As a teen , I did the whole 80's perm thing...my gosh...80's hair was big...it is a wonder we could get through the door
So call it kharma if you wish but after the birth of my first bub my hormones went crazy and produced a mass of frenzied wavy curls.

The gods got me back...I am sure they are laughing at me...cause now I am thinking that one of those fancy schmancy straighteners could be good...just so I could enjoy a "smooth"day !

Yes...be careful what you wish for !

x PJ x

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Bek said...

That's funny- I always have had wavy hair, but after each baby it gets curlier and curlier! I like your curly post baby hair, it looks pretty.