Thursday, May 14, 2009

green sheep

Just a quick post today.
This book , Where is the Green Sheep ? by Mem Fox has fast become a timeless classic in the short time since it's first publication.
Simple in it's story line, the illustrations are fabulous and vibrant and my 3 year old still loves to read it almost daily.
This makes a lovely gift for a newborn...never too early to start reading to babies...!!

I know the book is available in most K-mart and Big W stores a lot cheaper than the bookshops.

Also available here... all orders over $50 in Oz are free shipping !!

x PJ x

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Terri said...

Childrens book? Looks super cute? My little sophie just loves books, we put her on a book clu so we get some great book almost monthly.

Books are a great investment.