Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kitchen Swap

An early morning delivery man at the door yesterday had this box for ME !
My Kitchen Swap parcel from Melissa !
Let's open it ........

What a wonderful swap package...isn't that cake tester soooo cute....the handmade card was so pretty...
( Melissa is an independent dealer for Stampin'up .....check out her blogs here and here ...and she has a special going at the moment ) .
The chocolates were delicious - turned my head for a minute and there was only one left for me.....thanks kids!! must remember not to open my swap packages with the kids around !
See that black folder is full of wonderful recipes for slow cookers..which I used today...made a lamb casserole...which has been devoured with gusto ...Melissa must have ESP..I was looking for such a cookbook on the weekend to no avail...but now I can stop searching !
The chook canister may look equally at home in my crafty room full of vintage buttons...and the handmade/ sewn hot pads will be very useful as well as decorative...lovely !
As for the wine stopper...well...better leave some wine in the bottom of the bottle so I can use it , huh ??? ( bad habit of draining bottle dry ...tsk..tsk..)

So , needless to say I am feeling very spoilt !
Thankyou so much have made my week !
( Melissa is far more organised than I, her swap parcel will be posted Saturday...I hope !!)


Melissa Antolovic said...

Glad you liked it, I was worried the canister would break in the post hense the amount of packaging!

Oh and the slowcooker recipes - I saw your earlier post saying you needed to find some good slow cooker recipes

Thats my problem with wine stoppers too and I love your idea of moving the jar to craft I might have to do that with mine!

Melissa Antolovic said...

oh and how fast did it get there? i only posted it at 4.40pm Monday

millymollymandy loves to quilt said...

yes..super duper fast..from Melbourne to my door overnight....!