Thursday, April 15, 2010

my creative space....

It is my friend's birthday today and she is about to depart on a 3 week trip to Paris staying with friends whilst there, who's apartment looks out at the Eiffel Tower...What luck !!

She likes to keep a journal when travelling so could not resist making this fabric journal cover for her last night..
I only had a fat 1/4 of fabric and wanted to fit the Eiffel Tower on the front of the cover so it was a bit tricky. and scary....measure twice cut once and all wine for me whilst doing this little number!

I laughed at myself when I made the fabric covered button. Why did no-one tell me it was so easy peasy..I think I shall make lots more of them..what fun !

I added her initials on the suitcase tag...wonder if she will notice?

I used this tutorial and apart from the mishap of cutting the pink elastic too short and having to resort to black elastic, it all went smoothly.

So shall go wrap it and take along for her Birthday get together.

Pop over here to see what other creative peeps are up to..

x PJ x


Cathie said...

what a great gift, and what a lucky friend to receive it & also be travelling to paris!!

Nick said...

You have done a wonderful job on that gift. It will be great to share all of her experiences when she returns. xxNick

Kate said...

What a great pressie!
Noone tole me self covered buttons were easy either. Maybe I'd better make some too.

Unknown said...

That cover is just beautiful , what a lucky friend and not just 'cause she's going to Paris !

Anonymous said...

PJ, I've added a link from the notebook tutorial to yours. What a good idea to use a Paris fabric for a gift for a friend going to Paris!

Sherrey said...

What a delightful way to gift a friend about to leave on a trip! Lovely job, lovely friend you are.

My Casa Bella said...

How absolutely adorable! Love that fabric, and I know what you mean about the fabric buttons, I always bought buttons for the handbags I make, but I couldn't find the right one, so I chose to do a fabric covered not knowing what I was getting into, and Voila! a beatiful button appeared.I will make those from now on as well.....:)

Anonymous said...

What a great journal for a trip to Paris. Have you ever made a cover for a steno book and used blue jeans to put a pocket on the front? Pocket would hold pen/pencil and of course would have a row of stitching to hold the pen in place. Great for beside the phone for messages and can be changed out when full. Sew through some of the pages for tear off notes.

Anonymous said...

Could you please share with us the name of your beautiful fabric?

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