Wednesday, April 14, 2010

psst....a little advice....

I was clearing out my photo files and came across some pics of my bestest op-shop find ever ,so far as resale goes !
So if you have any of these in your cupboard or find some in your op-shop trawling adventures, grab them !
I paid the princely sum of 50cents for a glad bag of these guys, not sure why I purchased them really, but I did. I listed them on ebay and imagine my shock when they sold for $365 AU !!
The bidding was furious and there were 6 bidders from Germany alone.
Seems they are highly collectable..but I found the little windfall very useful for a fabulous shopping spree at the fabric shops in Melbourne.

Never know...maybe your brother had some...quick ...go check your Mum's cupboards!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks so much for popping by my blog. Go you fancy joining in the swap?xx

A Country Girl said...

My brother definatley had some - wonder where they are now?