Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best friends.

So..what to do when your big brother has gone back to school and you do not have a buddy to play hairdressers with ?

Grab a bag of Schmackos and con your other buddy, Buzz, to sit quietly in the one spot for more than 30 seconds so you can brush his " golden rapunzel hair " .
Everything is related back to fairytale princesses when you are 3, did you know ?

Buzzy lives up to his breed's name....he will retrieve a toy and there it will stay in his mouth for the whole day- until food is offered of course !
Today's toy of choice was his Santa toy from this last Christmas...he had been a very good doggy and made it on the nice list .

Please note that choosing clothes was not this Mumma's role this morning.
Asserting her independence, Emily decided that stripes, more stripes and a splash of floral was a great fashion statement.....luckily no need to leave the house today...phew !

puppy love..........

On a crafty note...I would like to introduce you to Pointy Kitty.
Gotta be careful with the eye placement though or she will end up looking like Evil Kitty !
She is fun to make and can be found at her new home...purring...on Emily's pillow.

Like to make one also ? Here is the link at Wee Wonderfuls .

Next on my to do list ( just for the fun of it ) is the oh so cute Ruby doll
Jhoanna,from One Red Robin has some other cute friends to make too !

Must go op-shopping tomorrow...feeling the need...have not been since Monday - which proved fruitless.


x Peta-Jane x


WhimsybyMari said...

Hi sweetie I still lurk too! You daughters outfit is adorable, I learned a long time ago do not fight the small battles. I use your bag all the time and receive many compliments on it, thank you so much again.

UK lass in US said...

Buzz looks like he has more patience than my retrievers do. It looks like Emily has similar taste in fashion to my daughter...