Monday, April 13, 2009

A busy Easter .... but fun !!

I needed to do some baking for my mother in law's 80th Birthday Party on Easter Saturday.
I have something of a baking ritual happening which involves a bottle of wine and this movie, ( my all time favourite I think ! )
Most people probably listen to music...I listen to this movie..too busy to really watch it as I cook...but I think I know every word by heart.
Besides the trays of apple slice and caramel tartlets, there were 10 dozen mini sausage rolls and 9 dozen mini quiches of assorted varieties..( fetta and semi dried tomato are my personal fave....)

We made tray after tray of gourmet sandwiches on the morning which seemed to disappear as soon as they were placed on the table ( always a good sign ) The party was a success. We hosted an afternoon tea party with 60 guests and the birthday girl, Betty, was thrilled to see so many people there.The rain storm politely stayed away until the last guest had departed and the garden was cleared of any party evidence..then the heavens opened up with some lovely soaking rain .
I had made a quilt for Betty and she loved it ( and I loved that I managed to quilt it in time and that I did not have puckers !!)
Sorry, the quilt photo is rough, but it was the only one I have yet.

Easter Bunny found his way to our is Emily following his trail of footprints ....and her sweet pink bunny dressing gown !

Hope you had a lovely Easter break,
x Peta-Jane x

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Anonymous said...

you finished the quilt! hurrah! and catered! wow! You are Wonderwoman! xxx